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A great excursion from Copenhagen would be a visit to Helsingør, Lund, and Malmö.

A great excursion from Copenhagen would be a visit to Helsingør, Lund, and Malmö.

As a traveler, I enjoy going on excursions from my main location in order to maximize my limited PTO and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the destination I am exploring. Upon discovering that it is possible to make a day trip to Malmö and Lund from Copenhagen, I was compelled to take advantage of the opportunity and mark Sweden off my list of visited countries.

Best Ways to Travel From Copenhagen to Malmö

Most individuals who go on a day trip from Copenhagen typically travel via car or public transportation to reach Malmö utilizing the Øresund Bridge, or vice versa. This journey tends to take around 30-40 minutes round trip, though I chose a different method. Instead, I opted to partake in a guided tour that led me to Kronborg Slot in Helsingør before taking a brief, 15-minute ferry ride to Helsingborg. Despite the similarities in their names, Helsingør is in Denmark while Helsingborg is in Sweden. During our expedition, our guide drove us to Lund and Malmö, where we visited each city for an hour and a half. Once our stops were completed, we ventured back to Copenhagen by crossing the Øresund Bridge.

To provide background information, I will base this article on my personal experience with Enjoy the Tours, which was not sponsored. I paid for it myself. The guide for my tour, Mario, was fantastic. He was full of energy, expression, and had excellent attention to detail. He was also willing to make additional stops for passengers who had specific destinations.

Plan a Memorable Road Trip from Copenhagen to Helsingør

We all boarded the tour bus at Hotel Astoria, conveniently located next to Copenhagen Central Station, for the 50-minute journey to Helsingør. Mario, our guide, kept our attention with fascinating stories about the various landmarks and neighborhoods we encountered along the way. Driving along the Coastal Road 152, also known as Strandvejen, we had beautiful views of the Danish coastline on one side and opulent houses set amongst lush forests on the other. We also caught sight of Bakken, the world's oldest amusement park, and the renowned Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

A great excursion from Copenhagen would be a visit to Helsingør, Lund, and Malmö.

Discover the Highlights of Helsingør

Although Helsingør is a small town, spending an entire day exploring it independently is possible. The main attraction is Kronborg Castle, which is where the events of Shakespeare's play Hamlet occur. Accordingly, the majority of the tour group, including myself, focused their attention on this particular site.

There are several activities and attractions to explore in Helsingør, aside from Kronborg Slot. These include cultural center Kulturværftet, St. Olaf’s Church, a range of museums, and sculptures.

Kronborg Slot

Kronborg Castle, which is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a popular destination for a day trip from Copenhagen. It is famous for being the setting of the play "Hamlet," where it is referred to as Elsinore (the English name for Helsingør). Additionally, it is situated at the entrance of Øresund, the body of water that separates Denmark and Sweden.

In the 1420s, Kronborg was originally built as a basic fortress. However, 150 years later, it was upgraded by King Frederick II into a luxurious Renaissance castle to enhance its fortifications in response to the advancements in weapons technology brought about by the Northern Seven Years’ War.

Krongborg has always been a place to hold celebrations and enact theatrical performances, spanning several centuries. Nowadays, many individuals, including myself, come to the castle to immerse themselves in its abundant historical background.

You can enter Kronborg by paying 125 DKK ($17.50 USD) per adult or utilize the Copenhagen Card to enter without any charges.

A great excursion from Copenhagen would be a visit to Helsingør, Lund, and Malmö.


Kulturværftet, a cultural center with modern glass design, is located opposite Kronborg. This center, constructed in 2010, has a spacious area of 140,000 square feet that accommodates concerts, shows, and various events. 

If you wish to know about the various vessels constructed in Helsingør, Kulturværftet is the place to go. It also has the Shipyard Museum. 

The library is equipped with facilities like game rooms, lecture halls, and computer classes, and it receives a daily influx of 1,000 visitors. 

If you have worked up an appetite after exploring Kronborg, you have the option to get a smørrebrød or another type of meal at Spisehuset located on the first floor.

A great excursion from Copenhagen would be a visit to Helsingør, Lund, and Malmö

Enjoy Scenic Views and Great Service on a Øresund Ferry to Sweden

We traveled to Sweden by taking a ferry ride on Øresund for 15 minutes until we reached Helsingborg, Sweden.

The body of water known as Øresund acts as a boundary between Denmark and Sweden, serving as a link between the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. In English, it is referred to as "The Sound." This term refers to an inlet that interconnects various waterways and creates divisions between islands; it can be likened to a fjord, however, fjords form through glacier action and Øresund is considerably broader.

The interior of the ferry was so pleasant that I desired the journey to last longer. The ferry featured several amenities, such as a cafe, gift shops, and an upper deck. I decided to order an Irish coffee and sat on a stool near the window as I observed the waves of Øresund. As we approached Sweden, I eagerly anticipated my arrival. However, I was unable to finish my drink since the journey was brief.

A great excursion from Copenhagen would be a visit to Helsingør, Lund, and Malmö.

When you arrive in Lund, what should you anticipate? 

Upon arrival in Helsingborg, you will need to travel by the expressway in order to reach Lund.

Lund, which is the location of Lund University, is a small town that is likely to have a younger population. Additionally, it has a historical heritage that dates back to the Middle Ages.

A great excursion from Copenhagen would be a visit to Helsingør, Lund, and Malmö.

Lund Cathedral

The famous landmark in Lund used to be a Catholic church but now it is associated with the Lutheran Church of Sweden. Although the inside of the building is beautiful, taking pictures is not allowed. Guests can either explore the place or participate in its services and take time to contemplate.

Centrala Staden

Lund's Centrala Staden is a prized possession, spanning from the bustling city center comprising of numerous cafes, stores, and eateries to the Kulturen open-air museum. Relish the quintessentially Swedish practice of fika, which involves indulging in a long coffee break with a tasty pastry while savoring every moment (even though I also do this at home when I'm busy with the morning routine, Cecilio and I refer to it as sit and sip, and it leaves me feeling frazzled before heading to work).

At Patisseriet, I requested a latte and a cream-filled pastry shaped like a heart. However, I couldn't enjoy it for as long as I hoped because we had limited time for exploration. Despite this, I experienced my own kind of fika, though I felt anxious while waiting for the bus and realizing I misunderstood the pickup time. In retrospect, I regretted wasting time worrying instead of exploring more of Lund.

Shopping in Scandinavia is expensive, but it's more advantageous to shop in Sweden compared to Denmark due to slightly lower taxes. Though the difference may seem insignificant, every little bit helps.

Make sure to check out Åhlens, a department store from Sweden that has 50 stores throughout the country. I mainly spent my time in the makeup section. Although they carried American makeup brands, I was intrigued by some Swedish brands such as Isadora and Estelle & Thild. However, I didn't purchase anything this time, but maybe on my next visit.

You can find numerous charming gift stores and fashion boutiques to explore in Lund, even if you are only window shopping.

Thinking casually in Malmö.

Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden after Stockholm and Gothenburg, is just a 20-minute drive away from Lund. Although it has a university- Malmö University- it cannot be described as a college town like Lund. Nevertheless, Malmö has been expanding and urbanizing, with a great influx of tech and IT firms, which makes it an ideal place for postgraduates to reside and work in. 

To be truthful, Malmö didn't leave as much of an impression on me as Lund did because we didn't have much time to explore it and it was already nighttime when we arrived. 

Lilla Torg

Lilla Torg, which is a delightful medieval square, is located in the heart of Malmö. It is home to numerous eateries, bars, and coffee shops, as well as a greater number of fashion stores like H&M.

Perhaps I had a preference for Lund, however, while searching for a place to eat, I couldn't locate a typical Swedish bistro. I really desired Swedish meatballs, but they were not within my immediate vicinity. The presence of a TGI Fridays seemed suspicious.

I went to Mello Yello, a restaurant that combines Swedish, American, Mexican, and Italian cuisines, but surprisingly didn't serve meatballs. I chose a dish consisting of pasta, chicken, and mushrooms, which was fairly good but nothing unique. I mostly wanted to wander around and have snacks, saving my hunger for a fancy restaurant in Copenhagen.

A great excursion from Copenhagen would be a visit to Helsingør, Lund, and Malmö.

Turning Torso

Our guide took us to see the remarkable Turning Torso, the very first spiral skyscraper in the world located close to Øresund. This building stands at 190m (620ft) with 54 levels and 147 residential units (whereas the bottom two floors hold office space), earning it the distinction of being the second-tallest tower in the entire Nordic area!

The well-known architect Santiago Calatrava, creator of the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Sundial Bridge in Redding, CA (two locations I had the opportunity to personally visit), was also the designer of this structure.

If you have the opportunity to go to Malmö, don't miss the chance to see the unique Turning Torso building. Its floors are twisted in relation to each other, with the ground floor and the highest floor being perpendicular to each other.

A great excursion from Copenhagen would be a visit to Helsingør, Lund, and Malmö.

Is it advisable to plan a day excursion from Copenhagen to Helsingør, Lund, and Malmö? 

Undoubtedly, if this is your initial journey to Denmark and Sweden, it's highly recommended to visit all three locations on a day trip from Copenhagen. My personal experience of the tour was immensely enjoyable and I highly endorse it, particularly if you're not familiar with the region and simply desire to unwind on the bus while the guide takes care of everything.

If I had known the things I know now, I would have made different choices. It is advisable to spend more than 90 minutes in Helsingør as there are a lot more things to check out besides Kronborg Castle. Make sure you explore the rest of the town.

It is advisable to visit Malmö and Lund on a different day than Helsingør to fully explore both areas. Going early in the morning would be ideal to extend the time spent there. If more time was spent in Malmö, the perception of the town may have been better. Despite this, the author is willing to revisit.