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How to spend your time and dine in Davis, CA | A university city that caters to all visitors.

How to spend your time and dine in Davis, CA | A university city that caters to all visitors.
central park in Davis

In this article, we will talk in detail about How to spend your time and dine in Davis, CA|A university city that caters to all visitors.

The town of #Davis is located between Sacramento and San Francisco, but closer to Sacramento. It is home to UC #Davis, which is one of the reputable campuses in the #University of #California system. The town is relatively small, with moderate size, and has several amenities, including expansive parks, affordable restaurants, coffee shops suitable for studying, and a lively downtown with bars. Further, the streets are easy to navigate by foot and bike.

Although UC #Davis and its students and faculty are the focal points, Davis has a lot to offer as a town for people of all ages to enjoy, including the campus. Regardless of whether you are a couple, family, or teenager, you will not be bored in #Davis, CA because there are plenty of enjoyable activities available.

Cecilio's hometown is #Davis and he completed his graduation from UC Davis, whereas I graduated from Sac State. Hence, I have good knowledge about the place. Even for people like us who have completed their post-graduation, #Davis is an appealing location.🙂

Know Before You Go

Nearby Airports:

Getting there:

    By driving: The sole means of reaching Davis is by driving on I-80 both ways, except if you are traveling from Woodland, in which case you should take 113.

    By Amtrak: Since Davis has an Amtrak station if you are traveling from the Bay Area, you can easily come by train.



    Getting around Downtown Davis is a breeze, particularly since it's only a short distance from UC Davis. However, navigating beyond the downtown district can be tougher as it is more residential.


    Davis is considered to be a highly accommodating city for bicyclists in the United States. Some reports suggest that it has more bicycles in its population than actual individuals. A cycling route encircles the city, spans over 12 miles, and roughly 100 miles of trails, lanes, and paths are available for bikers to use. Additionally, the city is known for being entirely flat with no inclines or steep hills, which makes biking a far more manageable activity for most people.

    In case you don't possess a bicycle, you have the option of renting one from several shops that are mentioned.


    The Unitrans is a bus system at UC Davis that is operated by students and is short for "University Transport". It comprises 20 routes that cover the campus and the surrounding city areas. The system takes inspiration from the red buses in London, and you can even spot a few double-decker buses. The fare for a single ride is just $1.25, and students of UC Davis, disabled persons, and seniors have unlimited access.

    Where to Stay:

    The majority of hotels in Davis are 3-star chain hotels specifically designed for families with high school students who are visiting UC Davis. However, if I were not a resident of the area, I would choose to stay at Aggie Inn, a small hotel with a cozy cottage style. This hotel provides comfortable and luxurious bedding, a fitness center, and bike rentals, and is conveniently located only a few minutes away from the university campus and downtown area.

    If you don't mind driving a bit, consider staying in any of the recommended hotels located in Downtown Sacramento:

    Fun things to do in Davis, CA

    UC Davis Arboretum & Public Garden
    The Arboretum located on the college grounds is one of a kind. With an expansive size of 100 acres, it boasts an impressive array of over 30,000 plants, trees, and flowers, as well as more than 3 miles of walking paths. It is accessible to the public year-round and offers activities such as jogging, biking, sunbathing, or taking a leisurely stroll. The Arboretum is also an ideal spot for couples to enjoy a romantic date due to its picturesque scenery with small hills and benches that overlook Putah Creek, which runs through it. I know this to be true as it was where I had my first date with Cecilio.

    Within certain areas of the Arboretum, one may sense as though they have become disoriented and immersed within an undisturbed woodland. These sections are frequently selected by couples who seek to commemorate their engagement, wedding, and/or maternal milestones through photographic content.

    You may come across various animals during your travels, including over 135 types of birds, along with reptiles, insects, and amphibians.

    How to spend your time and dine in Davis, CA | A university city that caters to all visitors.

    Jan Shrem & Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art

    The Manetti Shrem Museum is a name that can be abbreviated for convenience. It has been operational since 2016 and is situated within the campus. It is open to the public and does not charge any fee. With a collection of 6,000 masterpieces, it is not very spacious but accommodates marvelous pieces crafted by artists from the locality.

    The Manetti Shrem Museum showcases not just traditional art forms such as paintings and sculptures, but also presents interactive installations that use video and film. During our visit, Cecilio and I had the pleasure of experiencing the Moment to Movement exhibit, which featured numerous pieces that were intellectually stimulating and highlighted the way humans have fought for their rights since ancient times.

    Pay attention to the Manetti Shrem Museum if you have a strong appreciation for art.

    How to spend your time and dine in Davis, CA  A university city that caters to all visitors.

    Egghead hunting

    You won't be participating in an Easter egg hunt, but you can take a stroll around the UC Davis campus quad and admire the renowned Egghead sculptures. The campus is home to five eggheads that were designed by the late artist and ceramics professor Robert Arneson. Although Arneson's work often contains political and social messages, the eggheads are a source of amusement for both students and spectators.😀

    How to spend your time and dine in Davis, CA  A university city that caters to all visitors.

    Memorial Union

    Located at the center of the campus, Memorial Union, commonly known as "the MU" is the central place for fun activities for students. The good news is you don't necessarily have to be a student to enjoy the many amenities that the MU provides such as billiards, console games, and even a bowling alley. Not only that, but there are also some board games, card games, and bigger versions of some classic games like Jenga and Connect Four. It's the perfect destination to hang out with your friends.

    Davis Farmers Market

    Every Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm and on Wednesday evenings, the Davis Farmers Market takes place in Central Park, which is just a few blocks away from campus. You can find a variety of vendors selling locally grown and certified organic products, including produce, flowers, baked goods, and art. As the market is close to Sacramento's "Farm-to-Fork" movement, you can expect to find fresh and high-quality produce.

    You have the opportunity to taste a variety of fruits, honey, olive oil, and pesto. Bread is often served alongside for dipping. It's absolutely delicious! In case you're feeling a bit more hungry, there are food trucks available for larger meals. Additionally, the event is family-friendly with a playground, rock wall, and open areas for children to play.

    How to spend your time and dine in Davis, CA  A university city that caters to all visitors.

    Bohart Museum of Entomology

    There is a museum solely dedicated to insects located at the university. Established in 1946, its focus lies in the study of entomology, resulting in it having the seventh-largest insect collection in North America. It opens its doors to the public from Monday to Thursday and offers visitors an opportunity to engage with tarantulas or beetles if they're brave enough!

    Design Museum

    The Design Museum is situated on the university grounds and is managed by UC Davis' Department of Design, showcasing diverse concentrations such as fashion, graphic design, textile, and interior design. The exhibits are comprised of undergraduate and graduate students working in the department, and they change every three months. Although I was accepted into UC Davis in the past, I ultimately attended Sacramento State. If I had become a Design major at Davis, I could have had my own exhibition, but that remains unknown.

    How to spend your time and dine in Davis, CA  A university city that caters to all visitors.

    Thrifting at Bohéme

    Bohème is a thrift store located near Central Park, Burgers & Brew, and Downtown Davis. It offers a wide selection of women's clothing in various sizes and styles. On Saturdays, it can be crowded due to visitors from the Farmer's Market. Although finding something suitable can be challenging, Bohème always has hidden gems. Additionally, they stock trendy jewelry and accessories.

    If you want to purchase other secondhand items in Davis, consider visiting Yolo County SPCA Thrift Store and All Things Right & Relevant Consignments.

    How to spend your time and dine in Davis, CA  A university city that caters to all visitors.

    Catch an indie film at Varsity Theater

    In Davis, there are three cinemas available, however, the Varsity Theater is highly recommended. Constructed during the 1940s, its design is influenced by Art Deco, providing an ambiance that resembles the early 20th century and ignites curiosity in experiencing cinema for the first time. It was formerly a performing arts center before transforming into a cinema in 2006, and what sets it apart is its 2 screens. The Varsity Theater specializes in showing indie films that are not typically found in larger chain theaters such as Regal, of which there are two in Davis. It holds a special place for Cecilio and me, as it was the venue of one of our early dates in 2009 when we watched "Slumdog Millionaire".

    How to spend your time and dine in Davis, CA  A university city that caters to all visitors.

    Davis Transmedia Art Walk

    Explore the wealth of public art available in Davis, including a total of 30 murals, 37 sculptures (including the Eggheads), 14 galleries/museums, and a single art garage. This city is a paradise for artistic individuals, and their website features a map for a self-guided tour, or you can make arrangements for a scheduled tour by contacting them in advance.

    Explorit Science Center

    Although it is located far from the city center and university, the Explorit Science Center is a modest yet engaging science museum that caters to families. It is comparable to a smaller version of the renowned Exploratorium. Parents with kids should make it a point to visit this center as it offers fun and enlightening science activities and training sessions. For instance, one can learn about viscosity and differentiate between liquids and solids by manipulating goo.

    Two major annual events in Davis, CA

    Picnic Day

    Picnic Day, which occurs annually in April, is the most significant occasion in Davis. This event presents an opportunity for prospective UC Davis students to explore the campus and its lifestyle. However, it isn't limited to them; people from all over the city and beyond partake in the festivities. Existing students have a customary practice of initiating their day with alcohol consumption at six in the morning.

    The celebration commences with a procession from the city center to the college, showcasing the marching band, enthusiastic dancing teams, imaginative floats made by student organizations, and showcases by young groups. Additionally, marching bands from various universities participate and provide performances in the parade!

    Once the parade comes to an end, large numbers of people proceed toward the campus where the excitement is held. The quadrangle is packed with musical shows, stalls of student associations distributing pamphlets, and mobile eateries! It is important to note that queuing up at the food trucks can take quite a while - Cecilio and I had to wait for an entire hour once!

    You can explore more of the campus by taking a closer look at participating departments and buildings. For example, the Museum of Entomology displays various insects while the Department of Design hosts a student fashion show. I personally enjoy watching baby chicks hatch and holding them at Meyer Hall in the Animal Science Department. Other activities include craft fairs, petting zoos, cow milking demonstrations, and cockroach races. There's also an opportunity to visit the stable and see the horses. Additionally, the Arboretum provides a nice place to relax. Contrary to popular belief, the event is not an alcohol-fueled party atmosphere and is suitable for families.

    Whole Earth Festival

    The Whole Earth Festival, which occurs annually in May around the time of Mother's Day, is an event held on the campus quad that celebrates all aspects of zero-waste. Along with providing entertainment, the festival also aims to educate attendees about eco-friendly living. The festivities include various activities such as art workshops, plant and gift sales, clothing and book exchanges, tours of the Arboretum, and live music. All food vendors offer vegetarian and vegan options. Overall, Whole Earth Festival can be likened to Picnic Day, but with a smaller scale and with a primary focus on promoting sustainability.

    How to spend your time and dine in Davis, CA  A university city that caters to all visitors.

    Where to eat and drink in Davis, CA

    Davis has an abundance of coffee shops, bars, informal dining options, and formal restaurants. All of them are great choices, and the best part is that most of them are locally owned and not part of any chain- except for the Downtown located Jack-in-the-Box.

    Coffee shops:

    • Temple Coffee: a well-known coffee chain, has expanded to the Downtown area due to the high demand at their original location in Midtown Sacramento. It was a logical decision for them to open additional shops.
    • Mishka’s Café: is modeled after laid-back coffee shops in Europe. It provides a cozy environment where students can relax, enjoy beverages, and study. Additionally, young working individuals can use it as a remote workspace. Moreover, they offer tantalizing pastry and chocolate options.
    • Cloud Forest Cafe: is a comfortable coffee house adorned with artwork on every wall.


    • Crepeville: they offer a variety of sweet and savory crepes, as well as salads and sandwiches. The chicken curry crepe is the writer's personal favorite.
    • Burgers & Brew: is a popular establishment known for its exceptional burgers and crowded environment. The primary attraction, however, is the remarkable selection of beers offered.
    • Delta of Venus: is a popular brunch destination that boasts vibrant walls and unique art pieces. Their omelets are exceptional and the coffee is top-notch.
    • Village Bakery: is a small pizza shop in Davis that does not offer seating. Customers must order by the counter. The scent is pleasant and it is my preferred pizza spot in the area. Vegan pizza is my ultimate favorite.


    • Icekrimski: is my top pick for desserts in Davis. They serve gelato paired with a biscuit atop, and I highly recommend trying the Bavarian mint or Burgundy cherry flavors.
    • Davis Creamery: If you want ice cream that has just been made, Davis Creamery is the ideal spot to go. Additionally, they offer cupcakes as well.
    • Yolo Berry Yogurt: this is a perfect spot when you just want some regular froyo and add as many toppings as you want without anything fancy. It is conveniently located near Central Park and has an outdoor seating area to relax and observe people and dogs, making it a popular destination.
    • Teabo Café: This is a trendy bubble tea destination located outside the central city area. They offer a variety of tasty milk teas, fruit slushies, and fried snacks. Being open until 2 am, it's a popular place for students to hang out.

    How to spend your time and dine in Davis, CA  A university city that caters to all visitors.

    Davis, California offers numerous activities to enjoy.

    Even if you're not a student, you can still appreciate everything this town has to offer. I personally enjoy taking walks around the town even now.

    If you plan to attend UC Davis as a new undergraduate student, or if you are transferring to this university, keep this information for future reference and share it with others, as it will help you anticipate the exciting events and tasty food that await you.

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